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Septic Tank Cleaning in Dubai

JB Allo Sewage Services

What is Pumping
Sewage Lift Station service?

Sewage lift stations are used to move wastewater to higher elevations in order allow transport by gravity flow. It is a necessity for professionals to perform an obligatory cleaning activity which JB Allo provides in order to avoid any complications that might harm their pumps and the disposal of their wastewater.

Our pumping service is designed to accommodate all kinds of lift stations with different depths varying from 2 meters up to 30 meters. The constant maintenance of these lift stations guarantee a high level of hygiene and comfort as well as a high functionality of the disposal of the wastewater generated whether by a small household or a large facility.

JB Allo’s process involves stopping the drainage of the waste water in the first place and then evacuating the clean water that is in the station, after a test is carried out in order to detect the presence of hazardous gas which allows our fully safe and equipped workforce to descend to the inside the station to clean it of all sludge and residues that can block the pumps of the station.

Once the cleaning and sludge removal steps are completed, the pumps are flushed to ensure a neat cleaned up sewage lift station.

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