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Septic tank cleaning company in Dubai

Most people don’t give their septic system a second thought until drains or toilets become blocked or unpleasant smells start to intrude.

That’s understandable enough, but troubles with your septic system can quite easily be avoided in the first place.

Many problems are caused by the use of harsh chemical-based cleaners and non-biodegradable detergents that kill off good bacteria and upset the balance of your system. Smells and worse, blockages are quick to follow.


Are there bad smells coming from your septic tank, drains or toilets? Has it been a while since you serviced your septic tanks, more than four years? Do your toilet and drains take a long time to empty? If you have answered yes to any one of these questions, it’s time to call your septic tank cleaning specialists. JB Liwa specialises in liquid waste management services; we will empty your septic tank, clean out any sludge or scum and ensure that it functions at maximum efficiency.

Specialist septic tank cleaners

At JB Liwa we collect and remove septic tank waste from large scale commercial septic systems to smaller private septic tanks. Poorly maintained septic tanks pose a significant risk to clean waterways, and the best way to ensure clean waterways is to get the specialists to perform a septic tank pump out, and for you to ensure that your septic tanks are regularly cleaned and maintained.

Fast, professional liquid waste disposal

Our skilled and experienced team using vehicles from our fleet of fully-equipped trucks will clean your septic tanks and then pump the waste into our trucks ensuring all safety measures are adhered to. Once your tank has been emptied, all contents are safely transported to treatment plants for disposal or recycling. Contact us for an assessment and one of our knowledgeable staff will consult with you on your septic tank requirements, together with all related issues that arise with regards to immediate waste disposal.

Hygienic and clean septic systems

By maintaining, cleaning and servicing your septic tank on a regular basis you will ensure a properly functioning septic system and eliminate bad smells. You will also reduce any hygiene risk to any users of the system or occupants of the building. An additional benefit to proper care and maintenance is that you decrease the possibility of your tank failing or breaking down and ensure the longevity of your tank.

Additional services

We offer a wide range of services to meet all septic tank pumping and waste management solutions. Our Controlled Waste licensed trucks and containers are equipped with all required tooling to pump, clean and maintain your septic tank. We also clear stormwater drains, empty grease traps and remove hazardous liquid waste in a responsible manner that meets all safety and legal requirements.

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