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Septic Tank Cleaning-Drainage Blockage Removal

Professional sewage cleaners can provide many benefits to your septic tanks. Most residents in Sharjah or Dubai prefer to have their septic tanks cleaned and serviced by professionals. Dubai has a professional company that can clean septic tanks. They will remove any debris and waste from the tank. One service that is common includes filling the container up with clean water. Then, waste water will be pumped from the container to a specially designed vehicle which transports it into the septic tank. This process could take about half an hour. However, the exact timeframe will depend on each situation.

Either you don’t have a tank for septic or your tank has an outdated tank, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. In many areas, there is no alternative to regular septic tank cleaning. If you find yourself in Sharjah, or any other location in the UAE where septic tanks are common, there are companies that can help you with periodic maintenance. Before you move into an area with septic tanks, take the time to learn more about the importance of regularly maintaining your septic tank.

Companies that deal with sewage treatment are usually able to clean your septic tank. Average sewage tank in Dubai has 5.5 gallons. A hole at the back of each home allows water to flow into the container. The water enters the container through an access hole on the side of the home. It is then pushed into a drain field that leads to the ground, and finally into the city sewer. Each day, sewage is dumped into the ground. Every year new tanks are built to store the accumulated sewage.

A septic tank was designed to catch and hold waste water. Waste water will enter the tank through an access hole located on the home’s side. Once water is pumped into the tank, all solid waste will be deposited at the bottom. Soft solids will then float to top. Through an exterior hole, the tanks will be empty. To empty the tank, homeowners will need to turn off the water supply to the sewer system. Then they’ll have to manually drain the water out.

The septic tank should be checked regularly to ensure that there is no sewage buildup. The tank should not be below a specified level. This could lead to the need for a replacement septic tank. It may prove difficult to get rid of the wastewater from the tank if there is heavy debris inside.

It is important to determine whether the tank valves have failed. If your valves still work, it is likely that the drain field has a problem. You will find small holes or openings in the drain field, which is what directs sewage water from the tank. The drain field is the path of the sewage through which large amounts of solid waste may enter, leading to clogs. Some homeowners may be able to plug the holes with rubber tubing, or pipe tape in order to keep any solid waste out of their septic tanks.

Before performing any type of sewage tank clean up, homeowners should contact a professional septic tank cleaning company. Many companies offer a free consultation to determine the root cause of the clog in the septic tank. Many problems can be fixed by changing the connection to your drain or cleaning out your drains. However, some problems require specialized equipment which may be too costly for many homeowners.

The average homeowner can learn how to perform simple septic tank maintenance on their own. Although the average homeowner will be capable of performing basic maintenance themselves, it’s still recommended that they have their tank cleaned up regularly. Homeowners should make an appointment to have their septic tank cleaned by professionals at least once every 3 months. This helps to check that both the tank and drainage system are working properly.


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